From Crete to EVIA

So we are hanging in the village in central Evia and continue the tradition of our ancestors cultivating olives while dealing with bees since our place from the very old are the ‘income’ favor.

But who are our ancestors? Where did it?

As we source text from the work of John P. Mountrichas website

“Let’s start from the beginning then starting from the beginning of 1800. At the time we arrived at the village Hinged, located in central Evia, through the port of Kymi, two brothers from the island. Left Crete persecuted because like many Greeks, daring and “lifted his head” to the Turks. Ston Pendant, installed to lose track, because it was in the interior of Evia and somewhat remote village then. Besides, was not the first to follow this path. After the port of Kymi (which reached many hunted mainly from the islands of Greece), the route about the same final destination and many others followed. The village’s name appear Mountrichas. If that was their real name or if they changed it or changed it (which is more likely) do not know. The change must have been “cutting” the likely outcome …-Akis, which probably would have been the original name, to lose the “Cretan” tracks. One thing we know is that they and their descendants (up to the first half of the last century) could not be completely cut off from their roots and used the suffix …-akis in their name instead of their last name. Most (when allowed by their name) told them from George George, Konstantakis by Constantinos Vassilakis by Basil etc.

The genealogical tree of all Mountrichaion there to those who want to see you in “family trees”, along with all the other family trees there.

So watching the pedigree we see one of the two brothers, who came from Crete, Giorgaki. The first son Giorgaki Mountrichas the Konstantakis was one of the most affluent Kremastianous. It said, I’ve heard too old by old Kremastos that the tour made by King Otto Evia arrived until Kimi stayed overnight one night at Pendant and stayed at home Konstantakis Mountrichas. ”

ΓΙΩΡΓΑΚΗΣ ΜΟΥΝΤΡΙΧΑΣ 2Grandfather George Mountrichas So after the first year after the village and marries generates one of three children of the Konstantakis in 1804, then his grandfather in 1836 Konstantakis generates one of several children of Kyriakos Mountrichas who do this six children one of which George Mountrichas.

Ο ΠΑΠΠΟΥΣ ΒΑΓΓΕΛΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΜΕΛΙΣΣΟΚΟΜΟΣSo my great grandfather George Mountrichas  who has great olive oil merchant made and what are their affluent villagers. The George Mountrichas raises four children, the first in 1902 and named Vangelis (my grandfather) who is a farmer and beekeeper  in our village which serves as president  and where he finds tΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ Γ.ΜΟΥΝΤΡΙΧΑΣhe German occupation in 1942, where he raises the second child of Bob (my father) who marries the second child of George Mountrichas Zoe, who is grandfather and operates oil trader in the region from 1950 to 2001 and is known to this day as the baba George ΠΑΠΠΟΥΣ ΓΙΩΡΓΗΣ Ο ΛΑΔΑΣLadas.

Again in difficult times (during 7 years) in 1972 Costas and Zoe lay the first child called Vangelis.

Here we are So here starting from Crete and Evia reaching a route over 2 centuries traveling but always keeping in our tradition … all … olive oil and honey!meliladi 4

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